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Officials prepare for final phase of DAGIR construction

Update on the DAGIR Range from US Army “” website.

Source: “Fort Knox News“, 31 March, 2023 by Eric Pilgrim

“FORT KNOX, Ky. — Despite setbacks in weather and other issues, officials in charge of construction on the Army’s third Digital Air-Ground Integration Range say they are on track to complete the range by the start of 2024.”  CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE STORY.


From U.S. Army Fort Knox – Facebook post.

Military training scheduled to occur on Fort Knox from Feb. 26 to March 1 may be louder than normal at times. Exercises involving aircraft, maneuvers and weapons firing in daytime and nighttime hours are an important aspect of maintaining critical capabilities and readiness of all units. This notice is provided as a courtesy for residents of the greater Fort Knox area.
Increased noise and vibrations may be experienced during this period.

Real Estate Disclosure Need Presented to KY Legislature Joint Interim Committee

Representative Nancy Tate, Brigadier General (Ret.) Jim Iacocca, President and CEO of the Knox Regional Development Alliance, Brigadier General (Ret.) Steve Bullard, Executive Director, Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, Mr. Jim Bradford, Deputy Garrison Commander, Fort Knox, and Mr. Michael Robinson, GIS Specialist, Lincoln Trail ADD briefed the Kentucky Legislature’s Joint Interim Committee on Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations on the value of real estate disclosures with respect to Kentucky’s military reservations at Fort Knox and Fort Campbell.  This brief was part of this IJC’s regular meeting held on November 17 2022.

Recorded Meeting Video Link.  Briefing starts at 34:30.   Approximately 21 Minutes.

Fort Knox Range Overflight

Fort Knox Garrison Command hosted local area land use planners and officials on Nov. 3rd for a background briefing and an overflight of the training ranges on post.  They were provided with information about the range missions and a “birds-eye” view of the ranges and their geographic relationship to the surrounding communities.  This effort was in support of ongoing communication efforts to promote compatible land uses and community cooperation.

Images Courtesy of Fort Knox Public Affairs Office.




Fort Knox briefs Legislature’s Joint Interim Committee

Colonel Lance O’Bryan, Fort Knox Garrison Commander and Brigadier General (Ret.) Jim Iacocca, President and CEO of the Knox Regional Development Alliance brief the Kentucky Legislature’s Joint Interim Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection on the status and issues involving Fort Knox and the region.  This brief was part of the IJC’s regular meeting held on October 26 2022.

Topics related to compatible use include growth, housing issues, regional airport expansion, DAGIR, and real estate disclosures.

Recorded Meeting Video Link.  Briefing starts at 3:52.  Approximately 23 Minutes.

LTADD Awarded OLDCC Implementation Grant

Due to the success of the Compatible Use Plan Study, LTADD was encouraged to apply for an additional grant through DoD’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) to work on enacting various implementation strategies that were identified in the Plan.  We were recently notified that we had received that grant and are now working to again engage our partners at Fort Knox and the communities in our region to begin this effort.  The current regional growth trends and upcoming changes add obvious urgency to our work.

A sample of these implementation areas include the development of and the supported adoption of some land use policies that promote compatible use, creation of a Fort Knox market area housing study, a review of hazard mitigation and resiliency projects and policies, and a review and promotion of conservation efforts.  All these are applied as they contribute to compatible use concepts and the continued support of Fort Knox’s missions.

The grant period runs from 1 August 2022 to 31 January 2024.

Fort Knox Compatible Use Plan Final version now available.

The final version of the Compatible Use Plan Study is now available to access.  It is posted in under the “Library” tab or the entire document in Acrobat PDF format (20 mb) may be downloaded HERE.

Our efforts are now focused on implementation activities as addressed in the plan.  We will be reaching back out to our committees as we proceed to help plan and work on these varied strategies.  We look forward to everyone’s efforts to continue to promote compatible use that assist in meeting not only Fort Knox’s missions but also helps our communities grow successfully.

Please direct all comments about the this Plan to the CUP Team by email at

Thank you for your continued interest in this endeavor.