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First Public Meeting Held at Radcliff’s Colvin Community Center

The Lincoln Trail ADD conducted the first public meeting to obtain input for the Compatible Use Plan study Thursday evening at the Radcliff’s Colvin Community Center.  The open house presented various displays regarding the status and background of Ft Knox and its vital economic support for the surrounding communities.   A brief program regarding the CUP process was also presented.  For more information see the story from The News-Enterprise HERE.  The next public meeting will be held at Shepherdsville City Hall on Wednesday November 13th from 5:00 to 6:30pm.



What is CUP? Presented to LTADD October Board Meeting

Lincoln Trail staff presented background information to the Lincoln Trail ADD Board of Directors October meeting.  The presentation focused on the local economic impact of Fort Knox and an overview of its mission.  They were provided details of the CUP process and schedule.   The upcoming November Public Meetings and the availability of the website and new Facebook page to obtain more data and see an upcoming events calendar was discussed.  A copy of the presentation is available on our “Library” tab in the “Presentations” folder.